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Gára is the only port agency in Iceland that is completely dedicated to the successful servicing of cruise ships and luxury yachts. Not only do we understand and respect the needs and expectations of our clients, but we pride ourselves on exceeding them at every given opportunity.

Friendly and professional communications, along with a personal attention to detail, lend for smooth, efficient port calls for your vessel — from start to finish. Our head office is located in Reykjavík and we have boarding agents available in all Icelandic ports. Rest assured, we have you covered every step (or nautical mile) of the way.

We also know how important and preferable it is for you to work with just one contact. And as such, you can expect to have one dedicated contact at Gára who will work with and alongside you throughout the call or project.

A large part of our success is down to us working very closely with our parent company TVG-Zimsen. And whilst our colleagues at TVG-Zimsen put their energy and focus into delivering the best in freight logistics; our team at Gára dedicate their time and efforts into meeting the needs of the vessel.

Two teams working with one goal. Servicing your ship(s) in the most efficient way possible. Together, Gára and TVG Zimsen deliver a practical and fully comprehensive array of port services for your vessel, crew and passengers.

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Turnaround expert
Ranging from passenger turnaround services, such as pier side porterage, luggage scanning, immigration formalities and so on; to provisions, water, spare parts, bunkering, waste and sludge disposal, repairs and divers. Whatever the need, we provide the solution.

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Gára is a part of the Eimskip group. TVG-Zimsen is fully owned by Eimskip and Gára is fully owned by TVG- Zimsen.

Eimskip is a leading transportation company in the North Atlantic with connections to international markets and is specialized in worldwide freight forwarding services.

Eimskip’s forwarding arm is TVG-Zimsen and TVG-Zimsen administrates all marine logistics, freight and forwarding.

We are very proud to belong to the Eimskip group as this gives us a lot of advantages, our office location for one, which is right on the Skarfabakki pier.

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North Atlantic Agency or NAA is a shipping agency network focusing on the North Atlantic and the Arctic. Three independent shipping agents in Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland are the founding partners of NAA. The NAA service area includes Newfoundland, Norway (including Svalbard) and Scotland (including Orkneys and Shetlands).

Behind the founding partners are the largest transportation and logistics companies in the Arctic: Eimskip, Royal Arctic Logistics, Faroe Ship and TVG-Zimsen / Gara.

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Fast Facts

• Year-round focus on cruise
• Close cooperation with parent companies Eimskip and TVG-Zimsen
• Comprehensive understanding of cruise industry needs
• One dedicated contact person
• servicing all ports in Iceland
• Professional, speedy and efficient communication
• Solution oriented teamwork
• 24 hour emergency phone

Marine Logistics – Freight Forwarding – Customs Clearance

Contact Info

Korngarðar 2
104 Reykjavík
Tel. +354 581 1688
24 hrs +354 856 0726
E-mail: cruise@gara.is