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If you are looking for a local partner that consistently provides the best possible travel services for cruise guests visiting Iceland, then Atlantik is your first choice. Atlantik has been the leading local tour operator for the cruise industry for almost 40 years, serving every port around Iceland. We continue to lead the way, running a wide range of quality shore excursions and turnaround programmes to suit your needs.

If you are looking for creativity built on experience, you will find our team both motivated and highly capable when delivering excursion programmes and bringing guests to the centre of what Iceland is all about. Our objective is to build premier programmes and to create long­lasting, enjoyable memories for our guests.

Atlantik has a dedicated team of highly experienced and creative travel professionals carefully managing each and every project in line with our company philosophy. Our aim is that our clients have the best possible experience of visiting this beautiful island that we are fortunate enough to call our home.

In 2012, Atlantik was one of the first four tourism companies in Iceland to be certified by VAKINN, the Iceland Tourism Official Quality Assurance Organisation. The organisation ensures that certified companies adhere to strict criteria in relation to quality of services, safety, environmental sustainability and social re­ sponsibility. Atlantik has also been ranked among the top 2% of Iceland’s strongest companies, further proof that Atlantik is an extremely valuable and dependable local partner. We are also members of a number of trade associations including The World Leading Ground Operators (TWLGO), Cruise Iceland, EUROMIC, and the Association of Icelandic Travel Companies.

Today Atlantik is also focusing its attention on the, MICE, industry, offering tailor­made programmes of exclusive quality. It is one of the leading agencies in Iceland when it comes to organizing meetings, incentive trips, conventions and events.



Tourism in Iceland today is growing at an exponential rate and an array of services and adventures for visitors is growing alongside it. This fact drives our team to constantly seek out new experiences and to bring our clients tours that reflect the wide range of activities and the incredible natu­ ral phenomena that Iceland has to offer.

Atlantik is always eager to offer adventures and excursions that are developed in accor­ dance with the needs and expectations of the guests that our cruise clients serve.

Atlantik puts great emphasis on building close working relationships with local suppliers and with local people in each port. By bringing the local partners together we are able to better harness the available resources to provide our clients with the best and most authentic experience possible.

More and more cruise lines choose Iceland as their base for turnarounds and passenger exchange, and Atlantik is consistently there to manage and ensure a smooth operation. We understand the level of organisation and care that is necessary for a successful turn­ around programme.

Atlantik was the first company in Iceland to serve the cruise industry as a tour operator for winter cruising in ports around Iceland, the success of which has opened new market opportunities for the cruise lines to offer northern lights adventures and other winter attractions for their guests.

Our focus is on building long­term relationships with our local partners and cruise clients. Many of our loyal clients have chosen to stay with us for decades, and represent our very best references. At Atlantik, we strive for excel­ lence and professionalism in all our projects.

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Gunnar Rafn Birgisson, CEO & Owner
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