Recently Cruise Iceland hosted a workshop for its members. The purpose of the workshop was to discuss pressing matters regarding the growing cruise industry in Iceland. The workshop had over 30 participants from 22 ports, ship agents, shorex and other related parties.

Participants were eager to discuss important issues and gave valuable insights into the current situation. Amongst discussion points were capacity, quality and facilities. In the upcoming months the organization will be going through the results of the workshop and sharing them with cruise lines and related parties.

The following pictures were taken during the workshop.

CI Workshop (3)

Mr. Pétur Ólafsson, Chairman of Cruise Iceland opening speech.


CI Workshop (4)

Mrs. Gyða Guðmundsdóttir, staff member of North Atlantic Agency led the sessions at the workshop.


CI Workshop (1)

Members of Cruise Iceland getting ready for the first session of the day.