At the end of the year 2020 an article was published at local news website,, about the most popular Icelandic destinations in the year 2020. Below you can find the article translated into English.

2020 was a rather unconventional year for tourism. As Icelanders had little opportunity to travel abroad, they opted instead to travel in Iceland. Without doubt, the most popular destination for Icelanders this year was Stuðlagil.  Stuðlagil is a stunning site of natural beauty in East Iceland which was discovered after the Kárahnjúkar Hydropower Plant was built. The star is the unique columnar rock formations, while the river Jökla running through the ravine is at its most beautiful when sky-blue in colour.

Stuðlagil was a popular destination for Icelanders. Photograph: Ljós­mynd/​Jon­FromIce­land


Stuðlagil. Photograph:​Unknown

The Vök Baths in East Iceland – a unique experience for the whole family – were also a popular destination for Icelanders this year. 

Vök baths. Photograph:​Unknown


As well as the Vök Baths, the GeoSea geothermal baths in Húsavík were also found all over social media, with many travellers posting pictures of themselves in the baths with the Kinnarfjöll mountain range and the bay of Skjálfandi in the background.

GeoSea geothermal baths in Húsavík. Photograph:​Unknown


Many made their way to the Húsafell Canyon Baths, a complex of baths in a unique setting in Borgarfjörður. 

Húsafell Canyon Baths. Photograph:​Unknown

 Hótel Geysir was undoubtedly one of Iceland’s most popular hotels this summer. The hotel is extremely beautiful and an ideal place for getting some good pictures.

Hót­el Geys­ir. Photograph:​Hót­el Geys­ir

Rarely have so many Icelanders visited the West Fjords as this summer. The Dynjandi waterfall was a popular destination for those visiting the region.

Dynj­andi. Photograph:Á​rni Sæ­berg

Many took the opportunity this summer to visit the canyon made famous by Justin Bieber. The Fjaðrárgljúfur canyon is a truly unique place visited by many this summer.

Fjarðár­gljúf­ur. Photograph: Gísli Sig­urðsson