Drífa ehf. is the largest wholesaler of Icelandic souvenirs. The company originally founded in the year of 1972 as a small “wool workshop” in the northern part of Iceland Hvammstangi. Early on focusing on tourism and tourists to whom Drífa owes a lot of it’s success. Drífa now employs around 200 people and for years running one of Iceland’s strongest company.

Drífa´s wholesale now offering the widest range of it´s souvenirs to your onboard shops, duty-free. High service level and fast delivery e.g. from Iceland’s two largest ports, Akureyri (capital of the north) and Reykjavík (the capital).

Icewear, shop on harbor

The offer of products and styles under the name of Icewear and Icemart is counting thousands and the selection being as diverse as they are many being Iceland’s most sold souvenirs. Drifa is also operating retail stores under the name of Icewear and Icemart and few year ago the first Icewear Magasín store opened up being one of downtown Reykjavík’s largest store. Today two more Icewear Magasín stores have opened up, one in Reykjavík and the one by the south coast in Vík where Drifa also operates it´s wool-factory producing clothes and accessories from Icelandic wool. Icewear Magasín down town store has received the prestigious yearly award called Njarðarskjöldurinn, a great achievement for being the best tourist store in Reykjavík.

Our qualified staff with excellent knowledge and experience in Icelandic tourism industry and souvenirs business will gladly help you to make the right selection of Icelandic souvenirs to be presented within your shops.

Our team running the cruise terminal in Skarfabakki is used to any special requests, just ask and our team will be there to help you to the best of their capabilities.

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