Is your cruise line headed to Iceland?

The following rules and guidelines have been set forth by the Environmental agency in Iceland and AECO regarding our nature reserves and other fragile ecosystems on the island. Cruise Iceland supports sustainable tourism and we ask our cruise lines and passengers to read and follow these rules and regulations.

Travelling in Hornstrandir Nature Reserve

The Environment Agency of Iceland wishes to point out the following:
Hornstrandir nature reserve was established in 1975. The main purpose for establishing it as a nature reserve was for the protection of its ecosystems, wildlife and undisturbed landscape. To maintain its current state, it is very important that every visitor aims to minimize their impact on the area, so it can retain its value and provide visitors with an enjoyable experience.

It is required to report your travel plans to the Environmental Agency at if you plan on visiting the nature reserve between April 15th and June 15th, because of the fragile state at that time. Click here for further details.

Click here for the Icelandic version.

Protected areas in Iceland

The Environment Agency in Iceland has assembled a list of protected areas in Iceland:

AECO Guidelines

AECO members are obligated to operate in accordance with national and international laws and regulations and have, in addition, agreed to follow an extensive set of guidelines to ensure operations are in accordance with our objectives, including a number of site-specific guidelines and guidelines for visitors to the Arctic.

Click here to read AECO´s community guidelines.

Further site specific guidelines can be found on AECO´s website.